Custom Brew Tanks 

During our time in the commercial brewery equipment industry, we have learned there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter brewhouse. Though there are standard models and sizes that work for a lot of our clients, many breweries have unique needs. In this case, we recommend you consider custom brew tanks. This is the ideal solution if your brewhouse uses a unique brewing process, needs to optimize space, or just wants a complete system unlike any other.


Our made-to-order brew vessel process starts with a discussion about your needs. Whether you’re an up-and-coming microbrewery or a quickly expanding company that needs more equipment to keep up with demand, we’ve got you covered.


After the initial discussion, one of our experts will go over design options with you. Our team of experienced professionals knows how to optimize your space for custom brew tanks that will be able to grow with your brewery.


Before selling high-quality brewery equipment, Dan Fredrickson, our founder, was in the stainless steel industry. Back then, Dan was able to develop many connections with businesses that produce high-quality steel. We use those same contacts to manufacture high-grade stainless steel brewery vessels.

We believe that stainless steel is the best material to use for brewery equipment. The properties in the metal are durable, easy to clean, and won’t hang on to odors. These attributes are ideal for your custom brew tanks because you’ll be able to use them for different brews.

Types of Vessels

We offer many made-to-order brew tank options. Whether you are looking for one vessel or a complete system, our custom beer tanks have got you covered. We can custom make Brite tanks, fermenting tanks, HLT, Kettles, and more!

Brite Tanks

Brite tanks are an important piece of brewery equipment. In this vessel, the beer will mature, carbonate, and clarify. A custom Brite tank is a great option for any brewery. We can create a tank that acts as a serving vessel, accommodates your space, and fulfills your needs.


Our custom brew tanks include fermenters. You can use these tanks to convert sugar into alcohol. A custom fermenter is a good idea if you need a specific size or have a one-of-a-kind design in mind. If you have limited space, we recommend a unitank fermenter. These tanks ferment, carbonate, and filter the beer in one vessel.

Hot Liquid Tanks (HLT)

Hot liquid tanks are responsible for heating up the water before the brewing process begins. Depending on how much beer you are producing, size is an important consideration. There’s a lot of water that goes into brewing beer, so you need one that works for you.


Kettles bring the pre-beer mixture to a boil. While the beer is boiling, you’ll be able to easily add necessary ingredients and other flavors. We can help design and manufacture a kettle that fits with your needs.

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