Beware The Ides of March!

Wait… what is “The Ide’s of March?" Why should we be fearful?

Fun Fact:  The Ides of March is from ancient times, and historically represents a time in March when debts were settled/paid back.  Similar in affect to our modern day tax deadlines.  If you ask me, it is only fitting to tolerate taxes with beer in hand. 

Fun Fact:  If you are a fan of Julius Caesar you may note that he was infamously murdered on the 15th of March in 44 B.C., thus dooming the Ide’s of March to that fateful day where Ancient Rome was thrown into upheaval forever.  Henceforth it has been branded with the phrase “Beware the Ides of March…” in deeper reference to a profit that Julius Caesar visited in the days leading up to his death warning him of his coming doom. 

Fun Fact:  The Maibock as a beer style was traditionally brewed in the Spring to ring in the warm season and get people enjoying lighter brews.  It tows the line between a malt forward ale, and a lighter bodied lager inspired sessionable beer.  This beer holds a memory of blossoms, outdoor fun, and sweet green grassy hillsides folding across the German countryside.  A gentle reminder that summer is on the way, and leaving behind the heaviness of winter. 

With all that festive jargon laid out, we wish you all a very merry ring into spring. We hope your brewery has a blooming business season, and that the hops are ever greener on the other side of the first quarter.  We also want to plant in your mind the idea that getting a new tank or two for expansion into Summer would be a budding idea.  We are now going to break for lunch, maybe have a caesar salad, after all Summer is coming.